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With one of the nation’s busiest (yet prettiest!) Ports, a lively economy, and tons of tourists, South Carolina’s second-largest city of Charleston is quite a place! Renting projectors here, in a big business and a huge convention city, which happens to be near the mid-point of South Carolina's coastline, and at the confluence of two rivers, is a popular way to go. From DLP projector rentals for data and statistical presentations at the headquarters of IT firm, Blackbaud, to LCD video projector rentals and DVD movie projector rentals for use by the massive tourism industry, Charleston knows audio visual rental equipment like not too many other cities do! Higher education is another big player in the local economy -and in the projector rental traffic - with University of South Carolina, a law school, a major medical and a major military college in Charleston. Whether you need to do a presentation using an advanced 5,000-Lumen LCD projector rental in hopes of promotion to VP at your office, or if you’re getting a Charleston, SC rental projector for a massive tradeshow at Charleston Convention Center, rely on the experts at Rental Projectors Corp. to help get you through it – we have the industry’s leading rental projectors, plus the most dependable shipping, plus an expert team of projector rental and AV technology specialists to support you through your rental term. So choose Rental Projectors Corporation to make your presentation brighter, bigger and more impressive than ever before, making you seem more driven and dedicated! You’ll also be relied upon for being the creative one who will undoubtedly wow the convention crowds and make your mark on your office!

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Charleston, South Carolina has always been a forward-looking, tech- and business-savvy city. It has accepted new industries into the city’s arms, in the past decade mostly information technology, and it has adapted to changing business and economic cultures. The people and professionals of Charleston, and of all of South Carolina, have also never been anything but accommodating, hospitable and charming – typical of the South! Rental Projectors Corporation follows the same model of adaption and accommodation with their exceptional DLP and LCD projector rentals in Charleston, SC. We strive, every day, to improve our already superior level of customer service and to always assert the professionalism and friendliness needed to make the projector rental process hassle-free and enjoyable for you as a professional, for your Charleston company and for clients across the country.

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We at have developed a unique team of projector rental professionals that focus on gathering the absolute latest in technology in presentation projector rentals in Charleston, S.C.. The service that our rental specialists provide has continuously proven to make renting a projector in South Carolina a stress-free and satisfying experience. We’re readily available to help you with everything from setting up your projector rental to helping you find a local place where you can secure accompanying AV equipment, like microphones or projector screens. Our clients continually tell us that they’re confident and prepared when heading into their presentations, partly due to our helpful preparations. To learn more about what a projector rental in Charleston, SC from can do for you and your next presentation or corporate display, give us a call at (888)-951-5060.
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