Activities to Prevent Cabin Fever (Wii Tournaments)

Projector Rentals for Wii Family Night

The holidays are here and throughout many parts of the country so is that familiar winter chill. Being cooped up indoors isn’t so bad if you have some entertaining activities planned that keep you from catching cabin fever.

Renting a cutting-edge projector is a great way to spend a cold winter weekend with your friends and family without breaking your tight holiday budget.

Nintendo Wii Tournaments: Having Wii bowling tournaments is always good for some friendly competition and even a little exercise when cooped up in your house during these cold winter weekends. The only problem is when you have a full game going, it becomes harder to for everyone to have enough playing room when clustered together around the TV. An easy way to expand your Wii bowling tournament and make it more enjoyable for everyone is by renting an LCD projector that connects easily to any newer gaming console including the Nintendo Wii. One of our projector rentals will display your Wii Bowling tournament in larger-than-life quality over any projector screen or blank wall (preferably untextured). Now you will have plenty of room to maneuver and enjoy the interactive Nintendo Wii the way it was intended to.

Wii bowling tournaments getting a little redundant?

Here are some popular new releases for the Nintendo Wii that will also be incredible to play with friends and family on a DLP or LCD projector:

  1. Epic Mickey
  2. Donkey Kong Country Returns
  3. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  4. Golden Eye 007
  5. Wii Party
  6. Just Dance 2
  7. NBA Jam
  8. Sonic Colors
  9. Tetris Party Deluxe
  10. Super Mario Galaxy 2

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